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*Lets off party-poppers* [30 May 2003|11:16pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Righty ho! The NasAlley money has been sent off to Comic Relief in the form of a couple of checks and I can inform you all that we raised a total of $730 for Comic Relief

Thanks to everyone who helped, be it by donating money, sending in fics or art, helping with the site, advertising the effort or any other way. Massive thanks go to Anna and Rach for jumping in there and helping me out when I had a nervous breakdown and then putting so much effort into the site. Special thanks also have to go to starcrossedgirl for coding and providing a European postal box and lady_morsmordre for providing a US postal box.

Hopefully in two years when Red Nose Day comes around again someone else with a bit more organizational ability than myself will come around and build upon this! As it is, not sure what to do with the site, but shall think of something!

Thanks, everyone, and well-done!

Ps. We’ll continue to send any further contributions we receive to Comic Relief, though I’m not entirely sure that they’re still accepting them.

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nraged [04 May 2003|07:35pm]

dancingrain has apparently again shown us all what a lovely, wonderful person she is and has set up a effort for nraged members to 'buy' lupercus a wedding present (Look, I don't know much about NA, OK - don't blame me if I get this wrong) with the proceeds going to our own little NasAlley effort. NasAlley doesn't have long to live, folks - we have to get the donations in by the end of the month and will apparently need to send them via cheque, which will take a bit of time, but we'll be around and accepting contributions until a little after the wedding (May 10th), so here's your chance to help out the Comic relief cause - probably your last one for two years!

Please, Please read the message on the donate page if you plan to contribute! Essentially, if you already have funds in your PayPal account, use option 1, but otherwise use option 2. Also, to mar your contribution as being from the nraged drive, please write "NA Cake Server" in the Memo field.

More info on the effort can be found by clicking the banner.
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An update, an update, my kingdom for an update! [06 Apr 2003|01:52am]

OK, long-time no update! Sorry, all! However, whilst altricial and I still have a few issues relating to keeping the site straight (no pun intended), there’s finally been an update. There’s fic by by Frances Potter, Maya, Oowth, Raj, Tybalt-Quin and Viola. Also, there’s new art by Alice, Glockgal, Linn, Sarah StarEyes and Starlette. We may not have much in terms of quantity, but on quality…

Contributor of the Day will be updated, and all those having won it will end up with a nice shiny button. I'm just not quite sure when... sorry! I shall no go and shave my head, make a thousand tiny cuts across my body and then rub lime into them in an attempt to make up for this horrible lateness!
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New Payment method!! [17 Mar 2003|06:41am]

Oops. Sorry folks, the Nasalley team have been a tad busy with RL issues to update for a while. However, we now have lots of new art. Lot's of very big art, in file-size terms...! We should also have a couple, or even a few more stories to come out just as soon as we can find time to proof and code them!

There's a new payment method - a US PO Box, supplied by the lovely lady_morsmordre! The details can be found here. We're still working on a UK address, but PO Boxes over here seem to cost in the region of 0 and require around two weeks to clear after exhaustive background checks... why, I have no idea. As such we're on the lookout for a business address to C/O our stuff to.

Contributers of the day are:
  • Saturday: wednesdayschild for a very, very generous donation a couple of days ago. There were a few problems with the payment, but that's all being sorted out now and we're incredibly grateful. Did I mention lately what an incredibly wonderful, generous person Lucy is?
  • Sunday: petulans who's, umm... me, as I decided to write-off a load of the Nasalley expenses I incurred in setting things up. I would donate the amount I wanted to in a more regualr manner but, because of some setup issues, that could prove annoying, and besides, it seems silly to put money into the account and then remove it at a later date!
  • Honourable mention goes to starcrossedgirl and milenalupin, who would have on most days been top of the list, but for Lucy's generosity!

Buttons for the contributers of the day will be made, but as I said, we're having some RL work-related issues. If anyone has any ideas on the design, we're open to suggestion
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A few minor updates [15 Mar 2003|01:30pm]

Heads up, folks. We have a new fic by griffen and mhw - don't know about anyone else but I think it's great! To go with it we also have a review-board system if to allow people to say how much they enjoyed the story if you really can't date. I may very well disable the one on my story...

We also have new descriptions of donation methods, as the old ones were causing an awful lot of misunderstandings. We'll also hopefully have a PO Box in the USA for paper-based to

I'm passing-out tired now, so off for a nap. Take care, t00bs!

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Launch. [15 Mar 2003|12:31am]

[ mood | working ]

Well then, things seem to be going smoothly thus far and we've got a new fic up today by Evangeline! Other submissions will be uploaded ASAP. Thank you so much to all who contributed and donated so far, this is all very exciting. :D

Contributor of the day is the lovely zorac who donated a generous sum to Fandom Relief (not sure if he wants us to announce the amount or not, but yeah, he rules all) and he gets to have a personalised button or icon or one of our souls to display on his site and LJ, hah.

I think that is all for now. Stay tuned for updates!

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