Greg (petulans) wrote in nasalley,

An update, an update, my kingdom for an update!

OK, long-time no update! Sorry, all! However, whilst altricial and I still have a few issues relating to keeping the site straight (no pun intended), there’s finally been an update. There’s fic by by Frances Potter, Maya, Oowth, Raj, Tybalt-Quin and Viola. Also, there’s new art by Alice, Glockgal, Linn, Sarah StarEyes and Starlette. We may not have much in terms of quantity, but on quality…

Contributor of the Day will be updated, and all those having won it will end up with a nice shiny button. I'm just not quite sure when... sorry! I shall no go and shave my head, make a thousand tiny cuts across my body and then rub lime into them in an attempt to make up for this horrible lateness!
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