Greg (petulans) wrote in nasalley,

New Payment method!!

Oops. Sorry folks, the Nasalley team have been a tad busy with RL issues to update for a while. However, we now have lots of new art. Lot's of very big art, in file-size terms...! We should also have a couple, or even a few more stories to come out just as soon as we can find time to proof and code them!

There's a new payment method - a US PO Box, supplied by the lovely lady_morsmordre! The details can be found here. We're still working on a UK address, but PO Boxes over here seem to cost in the region of 0 and require around two weeks to clear after exhaustive background checks... why, I have no idea. As such we're on the lookout for a business address to C/O our stuff to.

Contributers of the day are:
  • Saturday: wednesdayschild for a very, very generous donation a couple of days ago. There were a few problems with the payment, but that's all being sorted out now and we're incredibly grateful. Did I mention lately what an incredibly wonderful, generous person Lucy is?
  • Sunday: petulans who's, umm... me, as I decided to write-off a load of the Nasalley expenses I incurred in setting things up. I would donate the amount I wanted to in a more regualr manner but, because of some setup issues, that could prove annoying, and besides, it seems silly to put money into the account and then remove it at a later date!
  • Honourable mention goes to starcrossedgirl and milenalupin, who would have on most days been top of the list, but for Lucy's generosity!

Buttons for the contributers of the day will be made, but as I said, we're having some RL work-related issues. If anyone has any ideas on the design, we're open to suggestion
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