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New Payment method!!

Oops. Sorry folks, the Nasalley team have been a tad busy with RL issues to update for a while. However, we now have lots of new art. Lot's of very big art, in file-size terms...! We should also have a couple, or even a few more stories to come out just as soon as we can find time to proof and code them!

There's a new payment method - a US PO Box, supplied by the lovely lady_morsmordre! The details can be found here. We're still working on a UK address, but PO Boxes over here seem to cost in the region of 0 and require around two weeks to clear after exhaustive background checks... why, I have no idea. As such we're on the lookout for a business address to C/O our stuff to.

Contributers of the day are:
  • Saturday: wednesdayschild for a very, very generous donation a couple of days ago. There were a few problems with the payment, but that's all being sorted out now and we're incredibly grateful. Did I mention lately what an incredibly wonderful, generous person Lucy is?
  • Sunday: petulans who's, umm... me, as I decided to write-off a load of the Nasalley expenses I incurred in setting things up. I would donate the amount I wanted to in a more regualr manner but, because of some setup issues, that could prove annoying, and besides, it seems silly to put money into the account and then remove it at a later date!
  • Honourable mention goes to starcrossedgirl and milenalupin, who would have on most days been top of the list, but for Lucy's generosity!

Buttons for the contributers of the day will be made, but as I said, we're having some RL work-related issues. If anyone has any ideas on the design, we're open to suggestion
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I know you folks are very busy IRL, but perhaps it's time to wrap NasAlley up for this year, declare a final total and get the money paid in? I know that I for one am curious to know how much was raised.
You’re probably right, but unfortunately due to the RL issues we’ve got a fair amount of work, much of it very good indeed waiting to be uploaded. I should be doing that either later today or early tomorrow.

We actually had planned to run the site until around May 31st, which is Comic Relief’s deadline for donations. However, we may have to reappraise that given the, umm… less than stellar reception to the project. However, there’s still hope, especially given some of the pieces that should be uploaded in the next batch.

As for the total (or at least the current total and paying it in), well that should be done when altricial and I are actually in the same country so that things can be witnessed and suchlike – plus neither of us have full access to all of the money raised, so it would end up being slightly awkward to do at the moment. Suffice to say that the total was respectable as any amount of money is a wonderful thing given how much good it’ll do. However, anyone hoping that we’d do anything like approach the figure of the “Get a Clue” drive for the Book 5 précis is sadly going to be rather disappointed.
Sorry if my message came over a bit aggressively. :-) I look forward to the updates greatly!
Don't worry about it - you were probably right, and I didn't mean to sound defensive, I'm just utterly harassed these days and apparently it's affecting what few interpersonal skills I possessed to start with!